Technology Talent Delivery Engine. Supporting customers through growth, by building awesome teams (fast) across technology, project and operations.

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The what & the why

Socium are the Transformation and Technology Directors Delivery engine:

Supporting customers through growth and transformation, we build high performing teams at pace across technology, projects and operations.

With an industry agnostic approach we work with Fast growth and industry leading brands including companies in the FTSE 100, PE Backed and newly funded start-ups. We offer a flexible approach when partnering customers and have found our TaaS & Socium for Scale models to be successfully desirable.

Whether you are a transformation leader looking to replace legacy technology, or a technology leader looking to build an entirely new engineering function, our solutions are bespoke enough to flex and robust enough to ensure delivery.


Socium offer a range of services, find out more information by selecting one below.

Specialist Staffing

Whether you are a start up, SME or a Global leader in your domain, sometimes you just need the right person to solve a complex problem, or craft some elegant code, quickly!

Socium for Scale

Socium for Scale is a bespoke campaign of recruitment activity, thoughtfully designed to tackle scaled hiring, at pace without compromising on quality.  Typically delivered for start up and scale up companies operating within niche technical markets.

Teams as a Service

The Programme Directors Delivery engine. Supporting customers through periods of change and technology enabled transformation, by deploying pre-formed teams teams to plan, execute and deliver major programmes of work, with unrivalled speed of deployment.